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Best Tips to Get More YouTube Views in 2024

Best Tips to Get More YouTube Views in 2024


Best tips to get more youtube view in 2024. want more people to watch your YouTube videos in 2024? You’re in the right place!Discover the best tips to boost your views and grow your channel.

Whether you’re just starting or looking to level up your YouTube game, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll share simple, effective strategies that work. Starting from the creation of high-quality products and their management through OnlineInfatuation , to nailing your marketing video titles and thumbnails, we’ll guide you through the process.

Engaging with your audience, running ads, and staying updated on YouTube’s changes are all part of the plan.

Ready to skyrocket your YouTube views this year? Let’s dive into these top-notch tips!


#1. Create High-Quality Content

  • Creating high-quality content means making videos that people enjoy watching. It should be interesting, helpful, or entertaining.
  • Use a good camera and clear sound so it’s not fuzzy or hard to hear. Plan your video before you start so it makes sense and flows well.
  • Keep it the right length – not too long or too short. Edit out mistakes and boring parts. Make sure your video looks good. Check the lighting, colors, and focus.
  • Be yourself and show your passion for the topic. Use fun or catchy titles and thumbnails that match what’s in your video.
  • Finally, ask for feedback and listen to your viewers. Make your content better over time.

#2. Engaging Thumbnails

  • Engaging thumbnails are like the cover of a book for your YouTube video. They should be exciting and make people want to click and watch.

  • Use colorful and clear images that connect with your video. Show what your video is about so people know what to expect. Use big, easy-to-read text that teases the video’s content.

  • Make it eye-catching with exciting images or facial expressions. Please keep it simple and not too cluttered. Be honest in your thumbnail – it should match the video.

  • Test different thumbnails to see which ones get more clicks. Good thumbnails can get more people to watch your video.

#3. Optimize Video Descriptions

  • Optimizing video descriptions means giving your video the correct information so people can find it easily. Write a clear, brief description of what your video is about. Include keywords or words related to your video topic.

  • Add any relevant links, like, to your website or social media. Use tags or labels that match your video content. Write down your video’s date and location if it matters.

  • Mention who’s in the video or if it’s part of a series. Remember to be honest in your description – it should match your video. Good video descriptions help people discover and understand your content better.

#4. Create Playlists

  • Creating playlists on YouTube is like making a list of your favorite videos. Group similar videos together in one place. Arrange them in the order you want.

  • Give the playlist a name and description so people understand it. You can add other people’s videos to your playlist, too. Playlists help viewers easily find and watch related content in a row.

  • They keep viewers engaged and watch more of your videos. You can share your playlists on social channels to get more views. Organizing your videos into playlists makes it simpler for your audience to explore your content.

#5. Leverage YouTube SEO Techniques

  • Leveraging YouTube SEO means helping your videos get found easily on YouTube. Use the main keywords in your video title and description that match your content.

  • Add tags or labels that describe your video’s topic. Transcribe your videos or use closed captions (CC) to improve search results. Write detailed and accurate video descriptions.

  • Use cards and end screens to link to related videos and playlists. Encourage likes, comments, and subscriptions for better visibility. SEO helps YouTube understand your content, making it more discoverable to viewers interested in your topic.

#6. Run YouTube Ads

  • Running YouTube ads means paying to promote your videos. You can select people who see your ads based on interests, location, and more. These ads appear before or during other videos on YouTube.

  • You pay when someone watches your ad or takes a specific action. They’re a way to get more people to notice your channel and videos.

  • YouTube provides tools to track how well your ads are doing. It’s a way to boost your video’s visibility and get more views. Remember that advertising on YouTube requires a budget, but it can effectively grow your audience.

#7. Live Streaming

  • Live streaming is broadcasting a video in real-time on the internet. You share what’s happening right now, and people can watch it as it happens. Viewers can interact with you through comments, and you can respond live.


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