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Our PPC Management Services

An efficiently run Google Ads will deliver the qualified leads you need to grow your business.


PPC Lead Generation

Convert quality traffic into buying customers

OnlineInfatuation, we’re focused on driving high-quality leads that convert. We accomplish this by leveraging powerful PPC management strategies that are built around an end goal. Our knowledgeable experts will work with you to build targeted traffic that makes a lasting impact on your business.

Qualified Lead Generation Experts

When you work with us, only qualified specialists manage your campaign. We have the experience you can trust and certifications that prove our in-depth understanding of effective digital marketing.

Deep Market Analysis

To build targeted traffic, we must fully understand your business and your market. We delve into consumer trends, and we gain insight into the buying process of your prospects. We conduct thorough competitor research to identify ways to optimize your campaign.

Foundational Structure And Setup

Get started on the right foot by properly setting up your Google and Bing ad accounts. We utilize market research to ensure that we’re setting up the campaign for optimal success. We set up thorough conversion tracking to measure results. Whether your objective is online form submissions or phone calls, we build your campaign to support your end goal: acquiring more quality leads.

Optimize And Increase Conversions

Traffic means little if you can’t convert it into actual sales. Our PPC management experts are adept at accumulating sales leads and guiding them through a high-converting buying process. The result is a strong return on investment—making it easy to scale and grow for the future.

E-Commerce PPC Management Solutions

Rapidly drive sales to your store with effective PPC management strategies

PPC marketing is fast, scalable, and trackable. Our services enable you to reach customers who are actively looking for what you’re selling. By combining strategies and technology, we present your store to consumers who are ready to purchase.

A Qualified Team Of Experts

We appoint a team of expert Google and Bing Ads professionals to every client we work with. Our experts have the knowledge and experience needed to help you launch and grow your campaign. Whether your store is brand new and has never been advertised, or you’re an experienced retailer looking to expand your digital advertising, we can help.

Deep Market Analysis

Before we begin setting up your campaign, we dive deep into market research. We’re looking for a few things: what constitutes your ideal customer, the best platform to advertise your store, and what key metrics should be focused on. We use previous campaign data (if applicable), assess your competition’s advertising strategies, review market trends, and draw up an actionable plan to get you up and running.

Foundational Campaign Setup

After performing market research, we begin building your Google and Bing advertising accounts. When setting up the accounts and campaigns, we follow the best practices to ensure that we adhere to that network’s advertising guidelines. Conversion tracking and analytics are properly implemented to monitor performance, and we employ budget-pacing PPC management strategies to ensure that you grow as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Profitable Growth Strategies

PPC advertising can drive targeted, relevant traffic the minute your ads are clicked on. For an E-commerce store, there are a few faster ways to build targeted traffic. After properly setting up your advertising accounts and campaigns, we analyze market data to find ways to create a long-term scaling strategy. We refine your ad creatives and split-test them to achieve optimal results. We do everything possible to build brand awareness and increase revenue.

PPC Marketing Automation

Drive consistent revenue with seamless automation

Marketing automation uses software to deploy marketing content, identify and segment your audience, and reach them with personalized marketing messages. Our digital marketing experts help you leverage automation to better target your audience, improve engagement with personalization, and create email outreach campaigns. The result is vastly improved sales systems that make a major difference in your business.

Leverage Data

In today’s marketing environment, the more data you have, the better equipped you are to reach your objectives. We use automation to accumulate crucial data, segment that data based on the behavior of your leads, and create tailored marketing campaigns to drive revenue.

Create Personalized Messages

Today’s savvy consumers are less susceptible to the marketing tactics of old. For your marketing to reach its full potential, you must speak directly to your audience. Automation allows you to create customized marketing messages that precisely target your audience. For example, your marketing emails are more likely to be opened when they include the recipient’s first name. By integrating personalized data, you are separating yourself from the crowd of generic, humdrum marketing common of your competition.

Track And Optimize

If you don’t know what’s working, it’s almost impossible to scale and grow effectively. Marketing automation allows you to identify key metrics, closely monitor performance, and to adjust based on careful data analysis. To find success, you must continually evaluate and make intelligent changes. Our team leverages robust marketing automation tools and techniques to cut through the data, help you recognize what’s working and what isn’t, and create a dynamic marketing strategy to move sales forward.

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