Generate qualified leads to feed hungry sales teams.

OnlineInfatuation is a B2B lead generation agency that fuels marketing programs to produce qualified leads and foster sales opportunities. Our clients come to us to improve marketing ROI through objective reporting and analytics and build qualified lead acquisition programs.

We focus on the following metrics for marketing:

  • Qualified leads generated per month
  • Sales-qualified leads per month
  • Sales opportunities from leads
  • Target account acceleration
  • Conversion rates from marketing

Marketing must generate qualified leads and engage them

OnlineInfatuation is a lead generation agency specializing in driving growth for B2B companies. We use account-based marketing (ABM), demand generation, and inbound marketing strategies to improve lead-generation rates. Our focus is helping businesses have a long-sales cycle, engage qualified buyers, and educate them throughout their decision process.

We accelerate the pipeline for B2B companies.

Optimization is a centerpiece of an adaptive marketing strategy. Without optimization, a B2B company cannot accelerate its business pipeline.

We work to fine-tune campaigns, ensuring they are targeted, engaging, and effective at generating qualified leads. Our team crafts high-quality, engaging content that attracts and educates potential buyers, strengthening their connection with your brand. Great lead generation is built around iteration, testing, and optimization based on buyer engagement data.

  • Generate qualified leads
  • Qualification of leads
  • Build insights that drive actions
  • Successful handoff to sales
Marketing, measured by qualified leads generated & engaged buyers.

Target the right prospects. Align marketing action with your ideal buyer’s needs.

Improve conversion rates for lead generation.

We help clients improve their lead conversion rate and sales-qualified lead conversion rate. We improve conversion rates from inbound marketing sources, allowing clients to migrate away from costly and ineffective lead sources.

  • Build traction with pilot campaigns
  • Cut wasteful efforts 
  • Optimize and iterate to maximize lead quality
  • Scale successful efforts
  • Drive short- and long-term planning and strategy
  • Improve and enrich data and insights 
Strategy and execution for qualified lead generation

Lead generation is an outcome of marketing strategies such as targeted campaigns, PPC, account-based marketing, inbound, social-mediabased thought leadership, and others. The best-performing campaigns tend to be based on “smart execution” functions–where data informs an iterative decision process.

Lead generation is focused on the acquisition of contacts that have intent, need, and interest. Lead generation alone does not drive growth. B2B companies must also educate buyers, engage existing leads, influence decision groups, and build brand visibility in the marketplace.